Joshua Slade

b. circa 1751, d. before 12 July 1823
     [We estimate his parents were married 1750 and he was born 1751] Joshua was born before 1761 as he was listed on the 1782 tax roll of Southampton County, Virginia indicating he was at least 21 years old at that time. The 1810 Southampton census list his household with one male over 45, supporting this birth assumption.1 Joshua Slade was the son of Samuel Slade and Mary [?].
     Joshua married Sarah Drewry.
     The Southampton County tax roll of 1795 lists Joshua with 77.5 acres of land. This appears to be the first half of the 155 acres that he inherited from his father. Joshua continues reporting the same taxable land each year until 1801, when his land holding doubles to 155 acres. This indicates that his mother likely died the previous year and he then acquired her half of the land in accordance with his father's will.2 Joshua & wife Sarah sold 33 acres to Amos Gardner for 32 pounds. Property bordered Jacob Joyner and Amos Gardner. Witnesses: James Gardner, John Davis, Benjamin Vick.3 On February 15, 1802 Samuel Slade, Jr. & wife Lettise sold 105 acres in Southampton County to Joshua Slade for $150. Land bordered John Crichlow, Elias Hale, Henry Love, and Joshua's existing property. Witnesses: Nicholas Brister, James Gardner, Lemmy Council. The deed indicates that Samuel, Jr. lived in Nasemond County, Virginia, Upper Parish, at that time.2,3 The 1815 Directory of Virgina Land Owners list Joshua Slade, 8E, Southampton County.4 Joshua & wife Sally sold 77.5 acres to James Cotton for $232.50. Land bordered John Blythe, Amos Drake, Henry Davis, Patience Jenkins. Witnesses: John C. Gray, William Ricks, William Exum.5 He died before July 12, 1823 as Joshua's will was probated on July 12, 1823.6,7

Census & City Directory Records

CensusLocationHead of Household
1810Southampton County, Virginia, 01102-00201-00 pg 78Joshua Slade8

Children of Joshua Slade and Sarah Drewry


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