James Bennett Slade

b. 1805, d. 16 September 1878
     James Bennett Slade was born in 1805 in Washington County, Alabama.1 He was the son of Henry Blount Slade and Elizabeth Bennett.2
James married first Isabella Harrell Bosworth on August 20, 1838 in Alabama.2

     James ran a stagecoach stop, stables, and inn at New Wakefield. The stagecoach ran from Mobile to Selma, Alabama. He was also the last postmaster for New Wakefield from 1842 to 1866 when the post office was discontinued. The post office was originally established February 8, 1834. James also ran a business that was listed in the 1859 Mobile City Directory as auctioneers and general commercial merchants and was called Slade & Parker. The business operated at 41 and 43 North Walter Street in Mobile. During this time, his permanent address was listed as New Wakefield, Alabama.

     When the county seat of Washington County was moved for the seventh time in 1848 to 'New' St. Stephens, the courthouse was 'to be located at a placed known as the Hazard Old Field'. James Bennett Slade, along with others were appointed as Commissioners. The county seat remained in this area until 1907, when it was moved to its present day location in Chatom. James Bennett Slade was also a Representative of Washington County from 1857 to 1863.2

     James Bennett Slade married second Amanda Urania Sanderson, daughter of Lemuel G. Sanderson and Jane Almahia Follin, on June 25, 1866 He was 62 and she was 37.2 James Bennett Slade died on September 16, 1878.2 He was buried in Hooks Cemetery, Washington County, Alabama.2

     James did not leave a will, therefore his estate was not settled until around 1890 or 1893. His brother Ebenezer's descendants brought the case to circuit court for the portion of the land in Sunflower. They received approximately a thousand acres of land in the Sunflower area, representing a third of the estate. From that time on, the family has not owned any land in the Sunflower area. The land in Sunflower was eventually sold to L. H. Williams.2

Census Records

CensusLocationHead of Household
1850Washington County, AlabamaJames Bennett Slade1
1860Washington County, Alabama, Post Office is St. StephensJames Bennett Slade3
1870Washington County, Alabama, His Post Office address was State Line, MississippiJames Bennett Slade4

Children of James Bennett Slade and Amanda Urania Sanderson


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