We have minimized the use of abbreviations on this website in an effort to reduce confusion and misinterpretation. In those instances where abbreviations are used, the guide below will be of assistance.


néeindicates a married woman's surname at birth (maiden name)
c or circa (date)indicates date is close, but not exact, usually within 1-4 years
say (date) or est (date) this date is only an estimate based on other events in order to establish a reasonable timeline for planning purposes. A semi-educated guess, it could be off as many as 10-15 years.
US CensusPopulation Schedule of United States
EDEnumeration District number from census
dwl or hhdwelling or household number from census
famfamily number from census
sh or pghand written sheet or page number on census
[###]stamped sheet or page number on census sheet
[abc]added comments by the author