The DNA test kit consists of two cotton tipped cheek brushes and two collection tubes--designed for a single persons use. [see photo below] Each tube contains a fluid designed to arrest bacteria growth, so you can brush your cheek and return your kit in any type of weather (hot or cold). The freshness of your sample will remain intact for months. You will notice the cotton 'toothed' tip at the end of the brush. The sensation of using this is like brushing inside your cheek with a toothbrush.

Remember, a vigorous brushing produces lots of DNA, which makes the extraction process easier and decreases the chance that one or more of your markers will fail to be readable on the first test of your sample.

Your kit also includes instructions for collecting your DNA sample and the all important Release Form. The Release Form is your written consent that allows the DNA Project administrator to share your name and email address with someone who matches your genetic fingerprint exactly When you are ready to order a test kit, be sure to order through the Slade Surname DNA Project in order to receive the group discount rate. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.